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On the road with Rone

Lead compositing and visual creation for the latest production by studio Fünf : 1 hour of full animation projected during Rone’s wicked new live performance! Compositing and animation on After effects. 3D and art direction provided by Ludovic Duprez. Check out some samples and music! more

VFX supervising in Marseille for RISE FX

Best visual effects provided by Rise Fx for an impressive art installation from french artist Jean-Michel Bruyère. Vfx supervising during green screen studio shoot in Marseille with live compositing setup, and lidar scanning on location in Arles. If you are in the south of France around March 2013 make sure to check the old SNCF warehouse in Arles, where La Fabrik and Rise Fx will trick your mind ! more soon !

Rammstein is on fire !

Lead compositing for the two latest Rammstein music videos. That was a challenging experience to burn this mansion on a tight schedule. Everything was done on Nuke. Very nice experience working in Berlin with FX factory and Mind and Image Manipulation Coop. Special thanks to Nicolas at MIMC ! more

Over one million views for YASOUND music video!

Color grading and some vfx for great producer and director Yves Kuper for this delirious flashmob video, shot and post produced in Paris. The work was done on After Effects and Da vinci Resolve. Really love the guy in the elevator! more

Fade Out Line MTV premiere !

Color grading of “The Fade Out Line”, from Phoebe Killdeer, directed by Mark Nava, shot in Belgrade by the great DOP Miljan Milovanovic. Color grading on Da vinci Resolve, at MIMC facilities in Berlin. A rewarding experience, working with great people on a beautiful song from Phoebe Killdeer! The music video is now released on MTV. Check out some stills and music. more

Dragon Eternity released

Digital compositing for Dragon Eternity’s trailer, the latest video game from GameInsight. That was a great experience to work with the amazing team of Polynoid studio in Berlin. Compositing done on Nuke with the fine 3D passes of Arnold renderer.  more

Camel World now in cinema

VFX supervision and lead compositing for the latest Camel commercial, directed by Yves Kuper. Online compositing in green screen studio, followed by a happy post-production at MIMC Berlin. All VFX and compositing done on Nuke with the valuable collaboration of Nicolas Giraldon. Production and post-production provided by MIMC in Berlin, for Kompost Zurich.  more

The Apple Tree in progress

After shooting in sunny Melbourne, we are starting the post production for my latest short film, The apple tree. In collaboration with the talented Meike Deutscher we are now creating matte painting environments and sharing ideas. Looking forward to lots of fun. more soon !

Energies !

Animation and compositing for Energies, the new Inspiration book from Maison et Objets Paris. Work was done on After effects, for Kompost Zurich. For this third collaboration, it is still a great pleasure to discover the new selection of fine artists by Maison et Objets. more

Sessions at the Sharjah Biennial

Color grading at MIMC for the artist Nelvin Aladag, and her project “Sessions”. Shot in the Emirates, the film will be shown at the Sharjah Biennial 2013. Beautiful sensation of this instruments playing by themselves in the nature. more

Erklärung von Bern is online

Directing and digital compositing for an online animation from the Swiss NGO Erklärung von Bern. The idea was to build an insect out of tanker elements. A fun animated collage experience shared with Meike Deutscher for matte painting & character design, and Nicolas Giraldon for 2d animation.  more

La candeur des Babyloniens

VFX supervision, lead compositing, and color grading for a beautiful and creative short film directed by Bogdan Hatisi. It was to me a great pleasure to contribute to compose Bogdan unique vision for visuals and story telling. Looking forward for the next adventure.  more

Die reise der Imagonauten at the Berlinale

Lead compositing and visual creation at MIMC for an ambitious film all shot in 7K. The prototype camera was developed by the Fraunhofer Institut and the project is directed by Philipp Wenning. The will be screened on a 180° panoramic cinema for the first time at the Berlinale 2014. more

Der Spiegel’s Weltmeister with Sophie Hunger

Colour grading and Visual effects for 6 short films directed by swiss director Anthony Vouardoux, presented by Der Spiegel online. Everything was shot in Berlin, and organised in Ghost Raum, our lovely creative lab in the Arena. A nice occasion to enjoy our splendid human network ;)  more

Mercedes SMART in Virtual Reality

VFX supervising, compositing and Colour grading for an ambitious virtual reality project, with the collaboration of UFA and INVR Berlin. Shot in Sunny Miami with a custom built 360 camera rig, and post-produced in Berlin. That was again a pleasure to collaborate again with Phillip Wenning, and his new company for VR !

Sophie Hunger’s Supermoon

Colour grading and some vfx for this beautiful music video shot by Jeremiah in Mexico. Lovely song, and always a pleasure to collaborate with Two Gentlemen in Lausanne. Sophie Hunger’s new album in now out and worth the listeningmore

Wim Wender’s The salt of The earth at the oscars !

Visual effects producing and supervising for The Salt Of The Earth, the latest film from Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. Nearly 50 shots in compositing for a meaningful documentary about the life and creation of Sebastião Salgado. That was a great honor to work under Wim Wenders fine direction at MIMC facility in Berlin.


Sebastião Salgado and Wim Wenders

Tadao Ando’s new creation in Beijing

Concept, direction and digital compositing at MIMC facility in Berlin for an animation film for the Yuan Museum in Beijing. It was a great honor for me to collaborate on Tadao Ando’s future architecture project. The beauty and quality of his work was truly inspiring.  more

The Brain’s Power by ARTE

Colour grading and Visual effects for two documentaries directed by Cecile Denjean and Amine Mestari, now available on Arte TV. About our conscience and intelligence, these two films travel the world and the specialities to question the human mind. That was a real pleasure to work on topics which have ever passionate me.

GhostRaum 2017

The collectiv GhostRaum, which I have been co creating, is proud to say hello to the world

and presents its new projects, website and manifesto !

our website :

our demo :

Garten der Diaspora with l’atelier le balto

Directing for a documentary about the landscape architects of the atelier le balto. The documentary is in post-production at GhostRaum and was shown for the first time last month. That was such a pleasure to be sitting around and film for a couple of weeks this beautiful people making art with nature. The Garten der Diaspora can be seen in Berlin at the Academy from the Jewish Museum. MORE SOON !

Ma Loute in cinema now !

On set Visual effects supervising with Automatik VFX for the latest feature awarded film from Bruno Dumont, shot in the North of France in beautiful locations. That was a real pleasure to collaborate with Bruno Dumont and great DOP Guillaume Deffontaines, with the inspiring acting of Juliette Binoche, Fabrice Luchini and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.  

Zeng Fanzhi  is going virtual

Visual concept and visualization in collaboration with the great chinese painter Zeng Fanzhi for his latest project : Yòu. During 5 days, Zeng Fanzhi was filmed by 8 cameras, allowing to create an ambitious visual installation in different museums across the worldmore