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Documentary / 105 min.

Directors  Wim Wenders - Juliano Ribeiro Salgado
Producer David Rosier

2014 Decia Films

Work :

Vfx producing & supervision

Lead Compositing


Sebastião Salgado and Wim Wenders

Vfx supervising and Lead compositing for The Salt Of The Earth, the latest film from Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. Nearly 50 shots in compositing for a meaningful documentary about the life and photo art of Sebastião Salgado. One of the Vfx task consisted in recreating the environment of a photo gallery, where Salgado would comment his own pictures. Like if the photos were printed on transparent glass, we can see Salgado’s face “through” the pictures. As an admirer of his films, it was a great honor to work under Wim Wenders direction at Mind and Image facility in Berlin.

Nice quotes about visual effects in the international press after that The salt of The earth won the jury’s special price in Cannes fesival.

See Variety, Hollywood reporter, The guardian, Tagespiel...

“ exceptionally clever, cinematic way of filming Sebastiao discussing his work, by projecting the master’s photographs onto a semi-transparent mirror that allows audiences to see both image and man. In this way, Wenders teases out memories of various monumental projects, turning normally banal talking-head visuals into a more interactive device...”

Variety US

“ The interview footage in which Salgado simply talks about his work is the most insightful and also benefits from a playful, recurring visual motif in which the 70-year-old photographer’s face is blended in and out of the actual photographs discussed...”

Hollywood Reporter

“ We were asked to design and implement a visual concept for depicting Sebastião Salgado’s photographic work in a film.
We also created the intro for the documentary, where a photo slowly appears from total darkness, inspired by the negative to positive chemical process of photo developing.

The light vibrates, slowly revealing the contrasting structure of a landscape. We can just make out the silhouettes of hundreds of people, until the photographic development process exposes a huge crowd of mine workers in a gold quarry in Brazil. As the photo is unveiled, the first words of the documentary resound through Wim Wender ́s voice-over.

In order to see Salgado and his work at the same time, we worked with the idea of creating a digital art gallery, where Salgado would be part of his photographs, fading in and out from the impressive pictures. As if we were in the artist’s head, the photos seem to float like in the darkroom, while the artist explains what was going through his mind as he took the photographs.”

Matthieu Schmit for GhostRaum